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Courses, Programs and Academic Calendar

FSA ULaval offers exchange students courses in English or French.

Every class is worth 3 credits, which is the equivalent of 6 ECTS. They last 45 hours of teaching per semester and include 90 hours of personal work outside of class. The recommended workload per semester is 12 credits (4 classes).


In Québec, a bachelor’s or undergraduate program consists of 90 credits generally divided over 6 to 8 semesters and leading to an undergraduate (1er cycle) degree.


Please note that the lists are subject to change in future semesters.


At Laval University, a master’s program, as graduate studies, consists of 45 credits generally divided over 4 semesters and leading to a graduate or master’s degree (2e cycle).


Please note that the lists are subject to change in future semesters.

Pre-arrival online French course

Although you may be registered to business classes in English, you might want to learn French while you are studying in Québec city. To help you get started with your French language, we invite you to register to a pre-arrival online French course. This course is specifically designed for students with little or no knowledge of French.

The duration of the course is seven weeks. Each week you will be invited to attend a live 90 minute class on an online platform.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive continuing education units and an attestation during a cocktail at the beginning of your exchange semester at Université Laval. No university credit will be awarded for this course, so your results in this class will have no impact on your program.

Register quickly as places are limited.

For more information, please visit the BVE website

French courses

French language classes

To learn or improve their French knowledge, students can take French classes during the semester. These courses are offered by the Language School through the business exchange agreement. They are therefore tuition-free.

In order to take these classes, students must write ‘’French language class’’ on their learning agreement.

An online French placement test will be sent afterwards to students.

If the students have no level of French, it is mandatory that they enroll in the 6-credit beginner class. If they are not beginners, they can enroll regular 3-credit classes.

Please note that all classes in Language School will charge activity fee.

Enrolling into business courses in French

In order to register for business courses in French, you must be able to provide a proof of your level in French. We accept TFI 750, DELF B2 or any other proof that you have acquired sufficient knowledge in order to attend courses taught in French.

Intensive Summer French Program

For students who would like to learn or improve their French, Laval University includes in the exchange agreements an intensive French program from early July to early August.

It’s a 5-week, tuition free program, worth 6 credits, for which you will receive an official transcript.

It’s the best way to jump start your semester in the Fall, and to discover Québec city at its most beautiful: Summer Festival, New France Festival, free Cirque du Soleil street performance, the Image Mill, Expo Quebec, and much more!

To learn more about the intensive Summer French Program, please consult this website.

Academic calendar

The academic year is divided into two semesters: Fall and Winter.

A semester is a 15-week period during which Université Laval offers classes.

Exams are often included in this period and it is rarely possible to sit for an exam or hand in an assignment after the semester has ended. The university calendar divides the Summer session into two periods.

The Fall and Winter sessions include a reading week (generally in October and March) when there are no classes. This week is not a holiday but is intended to be used to catch up or get ahead in your work.


Last modification : October 23, 2015