Ph.D. (students admitted prior to Winter 2011)

If you are enrolled in a Ph.D. program, you could receive a total of $34,000.

The FSA’s doctoral program allocates an amount of $24,000 for every new student, made up as follows:

  • $2,000 from the Université Laval Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (French acronym: BBAF),
  • $19,000 from the Financial Assistance Plan (French acronym: PSF)
  • $3000 from the FSA’s Teaching and Research Fund (French acronym: FER). 

Payment progression table
Admission Scholarships
Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (BBAF) $2,000
Faculty of Business Administration (FSA) $7,000 or $17,000*
Total scholarships (BBAF + FSA) $9,000 or $19,000 *
Program stages (progressive incentive payments)  
Application for doctoral scholarship $2,000
Doctoral examination $5,000
Articulation (Transition) activity $2,000
Dissertation proposal $3,000
Total incentives $12,000
Total scholarships (BBAF+FSA) + incentives  $21,000 or $31,000*
Reimbursement for expenses  $3,000
Grand total: $24,000 or $34,000 *

* A $10,000 scholarship for academic excellence, based on the applicant’s transcript, could be awarded at admission. You do not have to apply for this scholarship. If you are selected, you will be informed by the FSA’s Graduate Programs Directorate.

Financial Assistance Plan general application guidelines

To be eligible for the Financial Assistance Plan, you must:

  1. Complete and submit your Collaboration Plan to the Program Directorate within the prescribed time limit (ref.: FSA supervision policy).
  2. Maintain a cumulative average of 3.5 out of 4.33 throughout your coursework, up to and including your doctoral examination.
  3. Satisfy the criteria and requirements of each stage of the program.
  4. Be enrolled as a full-time student during the three first consecutive sessions in the program (12 credits and over, including at least 9 course credits in the first two consecutive sessions of registration). Registration at the Summer session is optional.


Last modification : September 1, 2011