Startup Fuze
The Change Maker’s Challenge

May 28 - June 26, 2015

Change makers have an unquenchable desire to transform the world around them in big and small ways. But when you desire to change the way things are, you’re often left feeling alone, wondering things like “What should I do? How do I begin? Where can I find people to work with me? Can I really do this?”

StartupFuze is an intensive 4-week, 6-credit program that guides you through a process that will help you answer those questions and others. You will be surrounded by highly successful innovators from across the world, who will share critical knowledge related to things like ideation, design, storytelling, product design and testing, business model generation, raising money, pitching, effective presentations, marketing, and more. At Startup Fuze we build change makers.

StartupFuze from Québec numérique on Vimeo.


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