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Summer Business University

Experience Entrepreneurship with StartupFuze - a "Startup Ingnitor"

StartupFuze a Summer Business University program that has the mission to inspire and empower people all around the world to effectively design and launch innovations whenever and wherever they want. The program takes place in one of Canada’s most beautiful and entrepreneurial cities – Quebec City.

Have you said to yourself: “I want to be a high-impact entrepreneur but I’m all alone and don’t know how to get started. How do I find a good idea, build a team, develop a product, attract customers, and raise money?”

These questions can’t be answered during a lecture. You have to experience the answers. StartupFuze is designed to facilitate those experiences over four intensive weeks, and introduce you to an entrepreneurial community that will continue to support you long after the program ends. You’ll be guided by people who “have done it” – highly successful mentors (entrepreneurs, investors, and excutives) from Canada, U.S, and Mexico.

Program Description

The 6-credit program emphasizes action. Each day, there are two 3-hour modules. However, half of each module is devoted to teams working to build their startup with the help of mentors. The curriculum is based upon the Design Thinking methodology. This is a technique used by some of the worlds greatest design firms to efficiently design products that people love.

StartupFuze participants learn and to use these methods to discover, develop, and test their startup’s first product. Simultaneously, mentors share critical startup knowledge related to things like venture capital markets, pitching, storytelling, effective presentations, “growth hacking”, user-interface design and testing, business model generation, and entrepreneurial law.

We call the last day of the program Demo Day, when teams pitch their businesses to real venture investors and entrepreneurs.

Dates of the program: May 25th to June 20th 2014

The program is composed of : 
  • In class courses
  • Seminars
  • Business and cultural visits
  • Evening activities
  • A weekend Leadership Retreat to the majestic Saguenay region, two hours from Québec City

Take advantage of this opportunity to : 
  • Add an international dimension to your degree
  • Learn about the start-up process
  • Interact with other cultures
  • Create a network of contacts with future professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Engage with experienced professors and guest speakers from Canada, the United States and Mexico, and discuss the challenges of 21st century business and how start-ups can play a leading role


  Laval University campus


Last modification : November 25, 2014