Ph.D. (students admitted in Winter 2011)

The FSA’s doctoral program allocates an amount up to $55,000 for every new student*.

Admission Scholarship  
Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance (BBAF)
Master’s and Ph.D. Financial Assistance Plan (FSA)
Total scholarships (BBAF + FSA) $12,000 (over 3 sessions)
Program stages (progressive incentive payments)  
1. Application for Ph.D. scholarship $2,000
2. Doctoral examination $5,000
3. Articulation (Transition) activity $2,000
4. Dissertation proposal $3,000
5. Initial submission $2,000
Total incentives $14,000
Total scholarships (BBAF + FSA) + incentives $26,000
Other sources of funding  
Expense allowance for presentation at a scientific conference $5,000
Incentive for publication of an article $1,500
Departmental contribution $6,500
Teaching assistantships (2) $16,000
Total other funding sources $29,000
Total scholarships (BBAF + FSA) + incentives + other funds $55,000

 * Note: Some conditions apply to receiving the above amounts

General guidelines:

To be able to take advantage of the Financial Assistance Plan, students must:

  1. Complete and submit the Collaboration Plan to the Program Directorate within the prescribed timeframe (ref.: FSA supervision policy).
  2. Complete and submit the Ethics Declaration at each of the first three sessions of registration in the program.
  3. Maintain a cumulative average of 3.5 out of 4.33 throughout their coursework up to and including the doctoral examination.
  4. Satisfy the criteria and requirements of each stage of the program or the respective funding source, as applicable.
  5. Be registered as a full-time student during the first three consecutive sessions of the program (12 credits and over, including at least 9 course credits in the first two consecutive sessions of registration). Registration at the Summer session is optional.


Last modification : September 1, 2011